Denouement - Stella Angelika
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Little Serenade - Stella Angelika
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He's The Man (excerpt) - Stella Angelika
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Sugarplum (excerpt) - Stella Angelika
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Denouement (guitar version) - Stella Angelika
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Denouement (piano version) - Stella Angelika
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Stella Angelika is a North London based singer and songwriter. Her original music draws upon her Operatic training, the Greek music of her childhood, the 90’s RnB, Soul and Hip-Hop of her teenage years and the London Jazz scene she has spent the last few years immersing herself in. This unusual musical make-up combined with the confessional honesty of her lyrics and her emotive vocals make Stella an exciting new prospect for UK RnB.

Stella was introduced to music at a young age, listening to and learning to sing Greek Folk songs with her musical father. As she grew up and began to explore music for herself she became inspired by the melodic language and feel of great vocalists like Beyonce and Whitney Houston and artists such as Lauryn Hill and Tupac whose delivery, social commentary and blend of RnB with Hip Hop beats had a profound effect on her. As a young teenager she was part of a local Gospel choir and also began writing her own songs. At 16 Stella was introduced to Classical music by her singing teacher, immediately falling in love with the pure expressiveness and passion of it, and by age 19 she was awarded a scholarship position to train as an Opera singer at the Royal Northern College of Music, showing great promise. However, not long into her first year of training Stella began her battle with anorexia and depression and was forced to give up her studies to recover. She refers to Classical music as the ‘love of her life’. 

The next few years were the worst of Stella’s life, but driven by a purpose to talk about her experiences she began making music again in her own way. Pouring herself into her writing, she began working with different writers and producers, experimenting with her sound and most importantly figuring out her artistic identity and what she wanted to say. 

Fast forward to now, Stella is preparing to release the product of these years, a body of work that combines Classical music with modern RnB and Soul. Literally merging a specific Classical work into the writing of each song, Stella pays homage to the likes of Bizet, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Satie and more, while always keeping the focus on authentically telling her story and speaking intimately to her listeners.




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Transforming famous Classical pieces by Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and more into a sound entirely her own, London-based singer and songwriter Stella Angelika is an exciting new prospect for UK Soul and RnB. Speaking intimately to her listeners on subjects ranging from her journey with mental health and mindfulness to gender roles to the loss of the love of her life, Stella’s confessional musical mash-ups are the work of a truly individual emerging artist.